Project: Legion

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Purpose: Body & Mind-Altering Pre-Workout


Subject is expected to experience a series of psychological and physiological mutations which may include:


Adrenaline-fueled aggression
Animalistic strength and power
Predator-like focus
Raging vasculature
Skin-blistering muscle pumps.


The muscle engorging effects besetting the subject after a single dose of Legion are a result of a monstrous dose of 2g of Agmatine Sulfate, a cocktail of 4 grams of Betaine [2.5g Betaine Anhydrous and 1.5g of Betaine Nitrate (NO3-T)] and 1.2g of Creatine HCl.

The animalistic fury, focus, and rage experienced by subject zero following product administration is attributed to the mind-altering recipe of 1g choline, 370mg total caffeine, 150mg of Theobromine, 45mg of Halostachine and 30mg synephrine.

Once the administration is complete, the subject is expected to undergo a significant metamorphosis to its mind and body. Initial behavioral change is anticipated to be a hypnotic-like focus on the expelling of energy.  The subject’s corporeal state is designed to experience an incorrigible desire for physical exertion and the strength of a man possessed by many.

Subject is anticipated to exercise extreme prejudice when confronted with resistance elements. Close monitoring is advised.  Project Legion is born!